Ask any actor how they feel about their acting class. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

Welcome back. What’d you hear? Oh, really?!? They absolutely love it and would recommend it to anyone? *feign shock*

Well of course they do. They paying hundreds of dollars to them. If they didn’t love their class why the heck would they keep doing that? I’m a huge fan of my acting class, but that’s because we work on the things I need as an actor.

Recommendation: Figure out what you really need to work on as an actor. Is it auditioning? Cold-reading? Commercial copy? More film/tv focussed work? Accessing emotions? Improv? The list goes on (and please note that the whole business side is not really being discussed here), and you need to figure out which of your acting muscles needs a workout.

Next, audit. Audit every single class in the city you can. All types of classes. Doing this will help you answer that first question (what do I need?), will give you a really good sense of what’s out there, and after auditing about 10 different classes my guess is that you’ll really begin to get a sense of what style is going to work for you.

How ’bout you. Did you try this? Why do you like your acting teacher?