League of Chicago Theatres – My #1 website to find out about auditions, industry jobs, and discounted theatre tickets! Truly a fantastic resource for Chicago actors.

Theatre in Chicago – A great website to find cheap theatre tickets, and it features a very interesting podcast. Also good for finding auditions, though most of the postings can usually be found at the last site mentioned above.

Chicago Reader – The Reader is a popular publication, both online and in print, that features audition announcements for theatre, film, and music in its Classified section. Interestingly enough, I also found my current apartment through the Reader.

PerformInk – The good news? PerformInk is loaded with audition announcements. The bad news? You have to pay a dollar each time you visit. If you’re made of money, it’s a fine resource. I, for one, am not made of money.

Craigslist – Need I say more?


Shirley Hamilton, INC. 333 E. Ontario #302B Chicago, IL 60611

Encore Talent Agency, INC. 2635 W. Grand, Chicago IL 60612

Iris Talent 500 W. Cermak, Suite 304 Chicago, IL 60616

Aria Talent 1017 W. Washington Blvd Suite 2C Chicago, IL 60607

Stewart Talent 58 W. Huron Chicago, IL 60610

Big Mouth Talent 900 North Franklin Street Suite 709 Chicago, IL 60610

Lily’s Talent Agency, INC. 1017 W. Washington Blvd Suite 4F Chicago, IL 60607

Ambassador Talent Agents, INC. 333 N. Michigan Ave. Suite 910 Chicago IL 60601

BMG Talent 456 N. May St. Chicago, IL 60642

Geddes Agency 1633 N. Halsted St. Chicago, IL 60614